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Lite Plan Regular Wash & Fold


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Let us do your Wash and Fold load: four 5KG bags each month and four FREE home pickup-delivery. Avoid the hassle and enjoy our reliable and efficient laundry delivery to your doorstep.
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With our ironing subscription: receive 24 ironed pieces each month, with four FREE home pickup-delivery and hangers included. Sit back as we ensure effortless care to your wardrobe.

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Simplify your bedding routine with us: 2 sets of bedsheet sets washed and ironed each month, including two FREE home pickup-delivery and a complimentary cloth laundry bag.

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Wash and Iron


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Streamline your laundry routine with our wash and iron: 24 wash and iron pieces monthly, four FREE home pickup-delivery and complimentary hangers.

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Head to subscription page

Head to our Subscription page.

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If I buy just iron monthly 24 pieces, must I use all 24 pieces at one time or if I can arrange per batch?

With our subscription plan, you have the flexibility to schedule your usage accordingly to the four FREE pickup and delivery included. You have the same convenience if you choose to drop off/pickup your items at our outlet. Additionally, you also have the option to utilise all 24 pieces in a single order if you prefer. 

How can I arrange the pick-up and return date?

If you choose to drop off and pickup at outlet, please do so during our outlet’s opening hour. 

You can easily schedule your preferred dates directly through your account on our order portal or app. It will automatically suggest the earliest return date possible for your laundry. 

Do I need to arrange fixed quantity per batch during the subscription?

You don’t need to arrange a fixed quantity per batch and it can be adjusted according to your needs. However, please plan each batch according to your subscription’s plan quota. 

What if I exceed the monthly 24 pieces quota?

We will count the extra pieces as additional ala carte per piece. However, all subscription customers will receive a special 20% discount off for any extra pieces during their subscription period. 

Do the ironed clothes come back with your hangers?

Yes! Complimentary hangers are included as part of your subscription plan when you purchase Wash and Iron, Ironing, or Dry-Cleaning subscription. Additionally, we will also provide complimentary hangers for items that requires a hanger. 

Please note that Wash and Fold, Bedding Sets, or Home Items subscriptions will not be provided a complimentary hanger. 

Will starch be used for ironing?

Our default ironing process does not include starch. However, starch ironing is available upon customer request.  

Will I be able to stop my subscription at any time?

Yes. You will be able to stop the subscription at any time, but please do take note that if you choose to cancel your subscription before the month ends, refunds cannot be issued for the remaining unused portion. There are no minimum months required to start a subscription with us. 

Please notify our Customer Service prior to the next renewal/billing cycle for any cancellations to your subscriptions, as renewals are processed automatically by our system. 

How do I proceed with the renewal?

The renewal date of your subscription will be the same date your subscription first started. Our system will automatically send the renewal notice to your registered email a few days before the renewal date. The renewal payment will be automatically processed by our system, using your preferred payment method. 

Should you prefer to renew manually, we will send the renewal invoice and detailed payment instructions directly to your WhatsApp. 

Are we able to pause our ongoing subscriptions?

You are able to pause your subscription at any time and continue depending on your preferred duration. The date your service resumes will be your next pickup date. Please take note that you are only able to pause your subscription for a maximum of 30 days.