Claims and Liability

Claims and Liability Compensation Policy

Please note the maximum time period for claims is 48 hours from once the garment is delivered to the indicated address and the completion of the cleaning service.

In the event of loss or damage of the garment due to bad handling, the cost of repairing the garment will be covered by The Care Laundry.

Compensation will be based on the value of the garment according to the invoice, discounting the following amounts as maximum wear values referring to the date of the invoice.

Less than one year


of invoice value

From a year and a day to two years


of invoice value

From two years and a day to three years


of invoice value

From three years and a day to four years


of invoice value

In the event that we accept liability for any missing or damaged item(s), our liability shall NOT exceed an amount which is:

• 5 times the amount charged for our services
• 80% of the total receipt value, whichever is lower.

Once the compensation process has begun, the customer has 10 working days to send us all relevant documentation that reflects the current value of the garment.

Once compensation has been determined, the customer will have 15 days to accept or reject via an acceptance document. Should compensation be accepted by the customer, we will retain the compensated garment. Failure to respond within 15 days will render the compensation order null and void.

All uncollected orders will be donated to charity at The Care Laundry discretion if uncollected for 6 months after completion of all cleaning services.

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